Starting with Education

What do materials science, computer programming, and sewing have in common?

How do we inject an element of fun in academic subjects? How do we create learning experiences that engage both the mind and the hands, and while we are at it, build friendships and self-confidence?

STEM Education:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

BERNINA Singapore has embarked on a joint research project with meriSTEM@NIE (Multi-centric Education, Research, and Industry STEM Centre at National Institute of Education, Singapore), to craft a suite of STEM courses for primary and secondary school students.

The collaboration was sparked by the idea that the digital embroidery machine can be programmed using Scratch, a block-based, visual programming language.

“Students gained as they taught each other how to operate different parts of the machine.”

Katharina, Managing Director, BERNINA Singapore.

BERNINA Singapore plans to offer similar courses to more schools, in the form of Applied Learning Programme, Co-Curricular Activities, and enrichment programmes for primary to high school students.

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