Upcycling PET bottles to sewing threads

Reducing waste in every way

By BERNINA Singapore

25 Jun 2022

We have all heard of garments and bags made from upcycled materials, but what about the threads that are used to assemble them? SERACYCLE® is a new universal sewing thread, made from 100% post-consumer PET bottles.

Even its plastic spool is made from recycled polystyrene, and its packaging is kept to the minimum, without the usual plastic film.

Images courtesy of: @liebedinge

How is it made?

PET bottles are shredded and washed thoroughly before being processed into fine filament, and spun into strong sewing threads.

Video courtesy of: AMANN Group

Why should we care about tiny details like sewing threads?

Assembling a pair of jeans could require up to 200 meters of sewing thread. Imagine how much thread is used for all the clothes in our closets.

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