Next-Level Personalization

BERNINA LAB brings together creativity and technology

By BERNINA Singapore

14 Dec 2022

This holiday season we have launched BERNINA LAB, a pop-up store featuring our 16-needle embroidery machine, capable of embroidering on a wide range of materials.

The pop-up is located next to our current store at #03-K03 Funan mall.

Changing Expectations

Aiming to break the stereotype of embroidery as delicate craft and handiwork, the pop-up presents machine-embroidered projects on tough materials such as tarpaulin, and on large surfaces such as our meter-wide store sign. What else can be embroidered? Plastic sheets, cardboard, and even soft toys.

Create uniqueness in the ordinary

Make any gift special with added embroidered initials, or name a bunny plushie to make it personal with an embroidered name on its ear. Better yet, embroider a vow onto your bridal veil.

Selecting from a range of fonts, colours, and sizes, you could play the role of a designer in creating the embroidery artwork digitally; see a preview of it and make edits until you are satisfied and good to go with it.

Say it in a thread

Anytime you have something important to say, make it official in an embroidered keepsake. The three-dimensional finish of embroidery adds a show of sincerity in the gesture.

There is no limit to the length of your message, which can be as short as initials, or as long as an essay. Have a certain note-to-self you would like to enshrine and display? Embroider it.

What’s special?

The 16-needle digital embroidery machine is powerful and runs faster than its domestic equivalents, making it suitable for both quick testing and prototyping, as well as short production runs for small businesses. Visit the pop-up at Funan to see the machine live in action, and speak to our friendly experimentalist to find out how you can bring your ideas to life.

The latest 6-needle embroidery machine

From text to customized logos and images

Have an image you would like to transform into embroidery, or a logo you would like to reproduce on a uniform?

Digital drawings can be uploaded to the dedicated embroidery software and converted into stitches. In the process, you can choose the colours for each area, and even the direction of the stitches!

Tone-on-tone custom embroidery on the back of a Freitag bag

Special collaboration with Unspokin and Freitag

We are excited to stock Freitag bags and pouches at BERNINA LAB. All the bags can be embroidered for an added layer of uniqueness. Choose from a set of witty messages, or design your own text for your new purchase.

The BERNINA LAB experience

For a limited time this December, BERNINA is offering complimentary Freitag F-ake pouch making and customization experiences.

Be the first 30 to sign up and secure a seat here. See you there!